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Security of Private Persons at State Expense Must Not Be an Act of Political Patronage
Security of Private Persons at State Expense Must Not Be an Act of Political Patronage

Like the British colonial rulers who distributed titles like Rai Bahadur and Rai Sahab to favoured allies, the government today hands out Y and Z category security to mark the feudal status of its loyalists.

The growing fatigue with work from home
The growing fatigue with work from home

Both firms and employees are unhappy with WFH. Will the old office order return post the pandemic?

Farm Bills: A Corporate Feast In The Garb Of Reform

The only stakeholder that I see benefiting out of all of these Bills are the corporates. More corporate entities will connect with the farmer, not to change the farmer’s fate but their own.

Why farmers are opposing 'pro-farmer' reforms

While the government claims that these reforms will help farmers in getting a better price for their products, farmers’ groups have been agitating against these changes.

How Russian media is trying to save Lukashenko's Belarus

Russia-funded networks stand by embattled leader, who in turn uses their outlets to lavish praise on 'brother' Putin.

Yogi’s ‘Dream Project’ Security Force Should Worry UP Residents

The new UPSSF is the CM’s ‘dream project’. Here’s why it poses a danger to civil liberties.

Lord Ram and His not very Humble Abode

The temple, to be constructed in Nagara style of architecture, will have five domes instead of two as envisaged earlier!

Odisha announces Rs 300 crore package for flood-hit farmers

The flood in the Brahmani and Mahanadi river system in August had affected 1.4 million people in the state and left 22 people dead.

India's first toy-making hub pins hopes on 'vocal for local'

Planned in the late 1990s, the Toy City, where plots were allotted to over 100 toy makers, has wide, well- laid out, tree-lined roads and signage.

No justice for post-9/11 discrimination

Nineteen years after 9/11, Muslim victims of discrimination still face unfriendly courts.

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