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Workers Spend Money To Collect MGNREGS Wages
Workers Spend Money To Collect MGNREGS Wages

Nearly 13% of surveyed workers reported rejected payments and most were unaware of the reason for rejection.

Cultured meat has been approved for consumers for the first time
Cultured meat has been approved for consumers for the first time

Restaurant-goers in Singapore will soon get the chance to eat chicken nuggets grown in bioreactors.

Do Sunspots Explain Global Recession, War, or Famine?

Maybe it’s something about the number eleven?

How Arnab Goswami Jumped the Gun – And Got His Bail Plea Rejected

Legal team of Harish Salve & Abad Ponda failed to convince HC there was a need for it to exercise writ jurisdiction.

God’s Own Conundrum: What Kerala 2021 May Look Like

A Congress unable to take on a Communist chief minister mired in controversies, and a BJP that is seeing growth but is still unable to attain critical mass.

Shaw and Tell: A Chat with the Creator of the Odisha Wildlife Map

Done in the pattachitra style of painting, Sudarshan Shaw's map, rendered in intricate and evocative detail, has triggered widespread interest for arts and crafts and wildlife

Travel Insurance During COVID: Is It Worth the Price Payable?

With novel coronavirus posing some severe threats to the global health solution, tourism is one of the world’s worst-hit sectors.

Ethiopia declares state of emergency in opposition-ruled Tigray

Move follows PM Abiy Ahmed ordering a military response to a deadly attack by Tigray’s ruling party on a federal army camp.

Emergency? Here Are 9 Cases Where BJP Leaders Didn't Jump to Arrested Journalists' Defence

A list of journalists arrested just in the last few months, who haven't got the same solidarity from the ruling party as Arnab Goswami has.

What Bats Can Teach Humans About Coronavirus Immunity

Bats have a unique genetic ability to tolerate many viral infections. Can humans uncover their secrets?

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