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In ‘Holy’ video, is Justin Bieber a convincing victim of fossil fuel industry collapse?
In ‘Holy’ video, is Justin Bieber a convincing victim of fossil fuel industry collapse?

Would you rather: Justin Bieber cosplaying as a pipeline worker or as Drake?

A brief history of Jaya Bachchan and her ‘gutsy’ statements
A brief history of Jaya Bachchan and her ‘gutsy’ statements

Kangana Ranaut has been baying for nearly every Bollywood's denizen's blood. But recently, Jaya Bachchan finally stood up to defend her industry. This, however, wasn't the first time the doyenne has spoken her mind.

In Netflix film ‘The Social Dilemma’, a timely warning about the big bad world of social media

Jeff Orlowski’s film combines real-life interviews with fiction.

Hollywood’s inclusion problems still run deep, study finds

In the most popular films of 2019, protagonists were more diverse than ever, and there were more women were behind the camera. But in many other areas — speaking roles, behind-the-scenes jobs, LGBTQ representation, parts for people with disability — Hollywood remains far from reflecting the makeup o...

OTT platforms sign self regulation code in India: Here's what the platforms and experts have to say about it

As many as 15 major OTT platforms in India have signed a self regulation code. Is this to keep censorship at bay? What all does this code entail? We talk to a few OTT platforms and experts to know their take.

Ivan Ayr's 'Meel Patthar': Life in Transit for Truck Drivers Ghalib and Pash

The Indian film, which premiered at the Venice film festival, offers a brooding look at lives constantly on the move, yet always paused.

Chadwick Boseman and the Global Power and Limits of Afrofuturism

Boseman’s character in 'Black Panther' explores African Americans’ varying identifications, past and present, with Africa and a global Black diaspora.

The Boys season 2 review: Karl Urban’s TV series is an absolute humdinger

Picking up right after the first season, The Boys Season 2 fires on all cylinders right from the outset. Despite getting a lot bigger, the writing is more streamlined and less messy than before.

C U Soon movie review: A satisfying, moving thriller

Producers Fahad Faasil and Nazriya Nazim, and director Mahesh Narayanan pick up a story with disturbingly familiar outlines and impart it with fresh urgency and impact, making each frame of the 1 hour 38 minutes run time count.

Berlin Film Festival to make awards gender neutral: Is it time to finally move on from gender and talk about just talent?

India, Aug. 30 -- It's been a while since we have been hearing who is the Best Actor and Best Actress - a clear demarcation in term of gender right there in the titles - at any given awards ceremony in India or abroad. A comparitively recent change has been 'Best Actor-Male, Best Actor- Female'. How...

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