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NEET, JEE debate intensifies: 10 latest developments
NEET, JEE debate intensifies: 10 latest developments

NEET and JEE examinations are scheduled to take place in September.

A Fundamental Question About National Education Policy 2020: How To Finance Higher Education?
A Fundamental Question About National Education Policy 2020: How To Finance Higher Education?

The National Education Policy 2020 recognises the need for better teaching and learning methods, better teacher training and more meaningful exams. But it does not provide a realistic way in which private institutions can raise funds to meet the needs of their students and their communities.

Online education must supplement, not replace, physical sites of learning

Satish Deshpande points out some striking data and facts that show that online education can never be a full-fledged replacement for campus education of students.

New Education Policy Is Modi’s Strategy For Self-reliant India

The New Education Policy is set to transform the education sector totally and add more skill-based and "learning for earning" curriculums. Such major changes are slated to take place and this looks like a step towards the "Atmanirbhar Bharat" Narendra Modi has been talking about.

Cabinet approves new national education policy: Key points

The Union government has finally accepted the major changes that were supposed to be rolled out with the acceptance of the new National Education Policy. These changes offer a completely new perspective on the Indian education system. The good or the bad? Let's find out!

The myth of the deserted campus

While online versus classroom is an interesting debate, the former is not the ‘new normal’ for education.

First Covid, now Ladakh. Indian students who fled from China worry their ‘future at stake’

Months after being evacuated from Covid-hit China, Indian students find themselves facing fresh uncertainty in light of the border tensions.

Lockdown Brings India’s Public Edtech Infrastructure Under Spotlight

India’s HRD ministry has been aggressively advocating for students to leverage official e-learning platforms.

'Boys Locker Room' Case Underlines Need For Meaningful Sex Education: Experts

Psychologists and children counsellors say communication between parents and children on sex and related topics should open and must be taken forward with dignity.

H1B row: Will Covid, recession dampen Indian students’ desire to study and work abroad?

Due to Covid-19 crisis and global recession, over 20-25 per cent of H1B employees in the US could be laid off in the coming weeks and forced to return to India.

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