EXTRA! Insights is a new age journalism & information aggregator& curator. Simply put,

We handpick for you the most credible & insightful content on the internet.

We realise the paradigm shift that the internet has brought over the news publishing industry and the way people consume it.
We are here to make the best of it and bring to people the best content that internet has to offer.

Our Values

We are driven by strict and high editorial standards while curating content for our readers who want to make their time spent on the internet worthwhile and free themselves from the shackles of social media news feed and poor journalism.

We dig deep through the internet to find hidden gems that produce timeless content that helps you grow leaps and bounds and stay on the edge.

We believe that quality is not a synonym of popularity and therefore look fo rquality content in every nook and cranny and not just with big brands.

We don't do ads, an advertisement driven model for journalism is a self-destruction path and we want to give readers an option to experience journalism unaffected by advertisements and other external forces.

Quality deserves a price. Anyone can share information on the internet, however those who put in time and effort share quality information deserve a price for their efforts. This not just encourages them to keep producing such conent but also maintains their intergrity.

Our Product

Our website and application provides users an ad-free, safe and credible journalism consuming experience. Our content specialists curate credible content from the most trustworthy publications and our unique algorithms customise them according to your interests while making sure that you're not sucked into an echo chamber.
We are Newsfeed You can Rely on!

to experience quality curate content

Our Team


A1 since Day 1. Our CTO would be happy to teach you about anything that happens inside a computer. Got a technical question? Drop him a line.
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A creator, singer, composer and voice over artist. Vikram hosts EXTRA! Insights' debate show, #Rebuttl and lends his voice to our podcasts & videos.
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A content fanatic! Vivek is the Content Curator at EXTRA! Insights. He is the one among those that handpicks the content that you're a fan of!
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The silent coder. Jishnu's always developing so doesn't talk much, but when he does, he talks front-end.
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A seasoned digital marketer, who believes digital marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.
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The picasso of EXTRA! Insights, Prateek loves all things creative from Cartoons to UIUX, he does it all.
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A coding wizard, Hrishikesh works as a back-end developer at EXTRA! Insights to build the amazing website & software that delivers our content to you!
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An innovation enthusiast. Anuj is the founder of EXTRA! Insights who mostly spends his day putting out fires and building new things!
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